Majella is a radiantly beautiful woman, who loves Jesus with her whole heart. She is loyal, kind, compassionate and sensitive. She loves teaching children and she is an extremely talented dancer! There should be more women like Majella in this world! She is God's beloved child and she will do great things to glorify Jesus!
Majella is a beautiful woman inside and out!
by Mkbt November 22, 2017
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Is the all time goat there is no woman like her !!!!!!!!!!!!
That majella gorl is the goat guys
by Majella November 20, 2018
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the bestest person in the world, who gives you great presents and is loving a kind. Also gives great birthday presents, as she got me an ipod touch!!!
by E. G. T September 22, 2011
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my best friend forever. we will never part and never hide anything from eachother. all these other definitions of a slut majella can take it up the ass cuz i love majella
max: hey majella
majella:hey max
max: i know exactly what u mean
majella: good cuz i didnt wanna have to explain it
by max means more dot com November 5, 2004
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a kappa wearing wee slut with a whole lot of attitude and about fifty bobbles in her hair and caked in orange make-up.

usual accessories are cigarettes, large circular dangly ear-rings, and a baby in her early teens, the father of which is an eternal mystery.

usually in every city but by different names, this refers to those in derry, ireland, mainly from the bog and galliagh areas amongst others.
oh my God that wee slut has slept with half the city, and shes wearing that tracky again, majella!

are ye fuckin startin, hi?!

whaddaboutye? hi!
by p November 15, 2003
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