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an area below the waste in which ones girlfriend or boyfriend may insert limbs for pleasure. only available on humans, this area is unkown to our race simply cuz we dont wear pants...investigations are still underway on the human pantalage region.
Griznork: that human is caressing the female humans pantalage region
Racksmackcrackass: yes indeed, we must investigate
Griznork: intriguing
by max means more dot com November 4, 2004
my best friend forever. we will never part and never hide anything from eachother. all these other definitions of a slut majella can take it up the ass cuz i love majella
max: hey majella
majella:hey max
max: i know exactly what u mean
majella: good cuz i didnt wanna have to explain it
by max means more dot com November 5, 2004