A kind friend that is bitchy and can be fake although she is pretty and is a nice person to have around
Your girlfriend if Maisie (fake)
by Diamond glitter November 30, 2019
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Maisie is normally a small person. But small enough to reach the biscuit tin. They are probably a Leo and we’re born in summer. They love pissing off their friends and having no self control. Their also probably a massive fan of the English rock band, queen. They are a sucker for the 70 year old, roger Taylor. You would probably find them acting as a granny in their school production. They are very loving but not many people go near her. She was probably also a gymnast and brags a lot about her voltings skills, yet falls over when trying to jump over a small post.
Megan: β€œhey did you hear about that girl maisie?”

Jess: β€œ........”
by Your nan smells April 10, 2019
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maisie; a form of granny porn
i.e "i had a hard on looking at 'some maisie' shove a cucumber up her vadge."
by Walrusman November 15, 2007
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