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Main Of (may'n-uv): n. comrade, good friend, a previously dicussed object, a statement that indicates the person being spoken of/to, someone viewed with disdane, a rallying chant (when repeated in succession), the topic of the present conversation, something said to block out another person's words (said loudly and tauntingly), a familial greeting.
womans sexual organs (vulgar).
origins- Native eastern European pidginization of english terminology for "best friend", "good pal", peice of, ' of,

ex#1: " Where is main of?" (chorus of voices chime in) "Main of!" "Main of!" "Main of!" "Who is main of?" (again chanting this time as interruption) "Main of!" "Main of!" "Main of!"
ex#2: "Did you get any main of last night from main of?"
by milosh pavlov August 19, 2006
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