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A really talkative person with short term memory calls people dyslexic, thinks John Tory did the bat flip, eats healthy at school but drinks a lot at home. The ideal thot. Some say the term "thot be gone" was made for Mailyn. Has beef with many but somehow also has friends. Spends recklessy on clothing only to throw it out the next day and ends up wearing hoodies. Tries to be athletic but looks like a bandwagon. A really annoying person who only posts food on snapchat; legend has it she doesnt eat but takes photos of food only to throw it away.
Mailyn enters room. THOT BE GONE!!!!!
by What in lords Tarnation October 30, 2018
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Mailyn is a girl with an amazing personality not only is she smart,sweet,strong,independent, and determined, she is also a very good singer usually a thick that knows how to move. Atho she may seem like she is hellaa strong and shit she is often bothered by wat people say.
"Mailyn" is a no1 ,she is not perfect ether..but no1 is perfect and she is no1 thus makes "mailyn" perfect👑👌
by Mrs.huff May 26, 2015
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