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Mahshad is often the name for an extremely cute and sweet girl with an extraordinary sense of humor but also a dangerous mood swing. She may rip you apart in the blink of an eye just because she feels hot and you don't shut your mouth.
All in all, Mahshad is the type of person with whom you never get bored, but you should always be tender and caring towards her.
-Dude I heard about a girl who has 146 people having a crush on her!
-She is a Mahshad for sure.
by Ghasemina August 18, 2018
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A bubbly girl who always keeps you on your toes. She's a very random and unique but always gets your attention. Her amazing beauty attracts all the men. Mahshad has a kind heart which will break every once in a while. She's sensitive and doesn't show her true feelings that much but she's a person who you would want to go to when things are bad. She will always be there for you and have your back on everything she is honest smart and beautiful and sees everything from everyone's point of view . Mahshads can sometimes be a little too much of a flirt but it's hard to hate on a Mahshad. She's worth it for sure. Everyone needs a Mahshad in their life:)
That girl is my best friend. She's such a Mahshad
by Rachel Davis , jack heathers September 23, 2016
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A Persian/Iranian name, it means Happy moon.

Mah means Moon in persian
Shad means happy
How are you doing Mahshad?

Arash,say hello to Mahshad.
by Arash khodabandeh May 20, 2010
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it's an old Persian name. which used to be a guy's name. but nowadays people use it for girls. most people think it means happy moon( mah= moon in farsi and shad=happy in farsi). but they're wrong it really means shinny moon not happy moon. and it happens to be a very unique and beautiful name.
Hi, my name is Mahshad.
by mahshad.hg October 25, 2018
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A middle-eastern doctor who prescribes glasses and helps you choose your frames.
Hey Mahshad, can you make me some glasses?

I'm gonna go see Dr. Mahshad and get some new contact lenses.
by Wikipediafamily February 16, 2010
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