1. adj. A portmanteau of Fucking and Banging used to describe something or someone as extraordinarily great, wonderful or amazing, so much so that one would both bang and or fuck said something or someone.

Most often used in conversation when present company might take offense to the use of the word Fuck as well as the possible occurrence of sexual intercourse between the sayer and the sayee. ie: your mother, or your girlfriends mother.

Can be used in reference to a person(s), place, party, song or album, food or meal, movie(s), book(s) and or object(s).

Should not be used in the same sentence as an actual swear word, thus diluting the potency of the portmanteau and making you look like an dick.

Should not be used in anyway to reference vampires or vampire behavior. If you do, you are a dick.
1. Yo home slice, did you see that girl? She was fangin!
2. These pimp shades make me look fangin!
3. Dang, that base beat is fangin!

1. I was fangin this girl from alabama back then...
2. Mom, you are fangin awesome
3. Dang it, my fangin hand is stuck in this fangin pickle jar.
4. Anything to do with vampires, unless you intend to fuck the vampire*

* The author does not condone vampire fucking.
by teetertot August 12, 2011
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