A garment worn by extremely devout followers of the the mormon cult. It is basically a set of long underwear but the mormons beleive it protects them from evil. Some peole might try and argue that it isn't called magic underwear but if it really protects you from evil then its gotta be magic.
You want an example? I donno, ask a mormon for one the next time one comes to your door to convert you.
by Sega Slayer March 18, 2004
Underwear of the mormon religion. Also known as Garments or simply G's. These Magic underwear give mormons the power of flight, invisibility, x-ray vision and gardening. Don't ask a mormon about his majic underwear or you will be attacked by an army of scary happy plastic robots
Man, good thing I had on my magic underwear, or I would have been killed when that steam-roller rolled over me.
by Joe Smith January 15, 2005
Clothing that Mormons wear underneath their clothes that represent the closeness of god to the soul. ITS NOT MAGIC. NO MEMBER OF THE RELIGION BELIEVES IT TO HAVE MAGIC POWERS. STOP MAKING UP BULLSHIT. It has no Masonic symbols, in fact, the Mormon religion is in no way related to masonry. It's just a religion, just like any other religion. (It's not a cult. I would know. I am Mormon.) So stop being so pretentious and disrespectful AND PIPE THE FUCK DOWN.
"Hey Mormon friend, did you get your magic underwear? LOL @ THE MORMON CULT"

"STFU it's just clothes, disrespectful bitch. Mormons don't make fun of you for things that are special to you, so stop making fun of them."
by FORREALmormonIDGAF May 21, 2014
The quickest thing to piss of a Jello Eating Bunny aka Latter Day Saint is make a really degrading joke about their temple undergarments or call The Book of Mormon alternate history fanfiction of the King James Version of the Bible. Also imply that Joseph Smith was a womanizing con man who married his women to keep his sex life in check. They really hate when one attributes their doctrine to rodents copulating (as this one is a favorite barb.) There's my critic of religion status confirmed.
"I don't believe that my boxer briefs are magical, as in you mean to tell me you never cut a greasy fart in those magic underwear and leave a skidmark." My retort when I caught the webmaster mocking my most personal project as an editor as the cover was the second time I saw fan-art -- the artist was my breakout from Issue 3 and came to Issue Five as he was the cover artist for the first time.

My enraged comment came when I learned a blogtroll decided to send the cover to the webmaster as he took aim at it; I had seen very strong covers over the years as a lot of my own projects came from my photography output. His response after seeing the barrage of Magic Underwear Jokes combined with double homicide whamlines, "Hey, I’ve got an idea! How about we DON’T refer to other people’s religious beliefs in the most degrading way possible, and instead behave like civilized beings, not total dickwads, okay? It’s called “civilization.” You may have heard of it." The response was on par to Deva's "yer taking to care bears' retort on twitter.
by illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
The most poorly kept secret from the mormon secret temple ceremonies (derived from masonic ceremonies)

magic underwear (mormon garments) are a two piece set - like a T shirt and long shorts

This current design is the garment of choice for most mormons. Previous styles have had full length legs, collars, cuffs and some were one-piece (a 19th century onesie).

Obviously designed by a man in a patriarchal society, Women are expected to wear a Bra over the top of their mormon t-shirt.

There is nothing apparently special about the garments. they are almost always white, but the magic comes from masonic symbols embroidered onto them.
The symbols represent a Masonic Square (⅃) a masonic pair of drawing compasses (V) and a masonic level (-)

Despite protestations from mormons that the garments are not really 'magic', every mormon will have heard testimonies and stories from other cult members about how their garments have saved them from fire, cuts, animal bites and even gunshot wounds

for example Paul H Dunn - a mormon general authority (a high Mucky Muck) told how, in WW2, a hail of bullets ripped off all his clothes, but left his body and garments untouched..... Of course, Dunn's stories are no longer quoted by cult members since his stories about WW2 were exposed as complete lies in a national newspaper...
Ann dried off after her shower and quickly donned her magic underwear (mormon garments), before putting her black lacy bra over the top
by DutchCappedCrusader March 23, 2014
Garments are clothing that Mormons (better stated as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or LDS) wear to remind them of who they are. Just as a clergy would wear robes, Mormons believe garments are sacred and used to remind them of the commitments they have to their Father in Heaven. Instead of being an outward expression, as a clergy robe, it is an inward expression of their commitment. They don't believe it gives them magic powers, or wards off evil spirits. Garments, to Mormons, have a deep meaning of their personal commitment to God and their Commitment to follow Christ.
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Magic Underwear (Mormon Garments)
by Just to Clarify March 23, 2011