While doing the girl doggie style you have a friend waiting just outside the door. The said friend slowly comes in and you stop fucking her and he quickly procedes to take over. While your girl thinks you are still behind her leave the room and proced outside and to the window of the room where she is having fun. Then smile and wave to her from outside the room.
This magic trick will more than likely cause you to never get any from this girl again.
by Brian 13 May 30, 2008
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The act of having sex doggy-style and having someone hide in the closet. The other person quietly sneaks out and takes over for you. You then go outside and wave to her from outside the window.
I was doing this drunk girl last night and gave her the magic trick, you should have seen her face!
by skierfreak December 18, 2006
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the magic trick is when you have a girl giving you head, and you pull out and nut in her eyes, and while she wiping it out you grab your shit and leave.
haha you shoulda seen that bitch, she was blowin, me and i did the magic trick and she didnt know where i fuckin went
by justinxxhxc January 21, 2010
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The deadly art of turning the lights off before sex and walking out of the room as your friend walks in making sure the girl is facing a window you can get to, you have your friend fuck the girl when she thinks it is you, you walk over to the window tap and wave shocking the girl.
Matt and I gave Misty "The Magic Trick" last night, I wish I got the look on her face on tape!
by The Masked Gorrilla June 22, 2011
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