Magi are "wise men" (wise people) such as those who followed the star to Bethlehem to find the 'king of the Jews"

(Jesus/Yahshua) to worship Him as told in Matthew chapter 2:1-12. Most scholars say they were "Zoroastrian" priests (priests of the deity Ahura Mazda).
Magi came to see the baby Jesus (Yahshua). Does that mean that Ahura Mazda and Yahweh Elohim are the same deity?
by Kahdlibber October 9, 2017
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The descriptive term for someone who excells at somthing. Someone who is a master of their own craft.
"That guy is amazing at hockey!"
"Yeah, hes a hockey magi"

"He plans on studying business in University"
"Hopefully he'll become a business magi."
by WPE May 27, 2009
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a Bangla term which refers to A Whore !
"tui ekta Magi"

which means "you are a whore"
by H13 June 6, 2009
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A Strong personality that's been through alot but managed to shine through by Themselves, aswell as being great company and a rare treasure in anyone's life, They are known for their ravishing beauty alongside their excellent wit,but cross them or anyone they know and they kill you.
"This girl is such a magi right now"
"Magi is the best"
by The Awesome J November 22, 2021
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Magi is the girl who always is looking for short term pleasures, including mostly drug-infused ones. What she desires most is the thrill of some techno music mixed carefully with and abominable amount of MDMA/Molly. In some balkan countries she might also be described as a Baserka. The two terms are in theory and practice interchangeable.
Nikola: This girl is a typical Magi.
Boqn: Yes, she is the epitome of Baserka.
by Banchanina March 4, 2022
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Person cursed with bad luck, shit situations and many horrible experiences, yet it never gets to them or change who they truly are.
Always kind-hearted, caring and endearing, but wouldn't hesitate to kill you if you touch their friends.
For she is a blessing in anyone's life
"Dude , how did you mess it up that hard with Magi?"
"I...had.... pressures? To be honest, i was full of excuses"
by The Awesome J November 28, 2021
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A girl who doesn't trust or fall in love easily. (CAUTION: if you are lucky enough to have her fall for you, she has a soft heart that is easily hurt. Be good to her.) She can be confusing, but only needs you to tell her and things will clear up. She can be beautiful inside and out. Her spirit draws you to her like a magnet. Once you know her, everyday is new. You can never be sure that you know everything about her. Has beutiful hair.
Man, you are so lucky to have a girl like Magy.
by salaah April 4, 2009
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