Ridicously spastic but awesome girl who is also a very good driver. This person is also a chain smoker.
That person is driving a car while spazzing and having a cigarette! She must be a Maffy!
by GNARWHAALS! January 04, 2010
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Maffy is a sweet, funny, homosexual. He is loved by all but only some can handle the loud, bubbly and sometimes offensive personality that comes along with him. He has the most beautiful, amazing and loyal bestfriends a boy could ask for! Although they donโ€™t like it when he burps over the last 3 slices of pizza! Overall maffy can be hilarious and knows how to get the whole room laughing!
That was so funny! Youโ€™re such a maffy!
by Mainbiatch124 January 11, 2018
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