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1. A word to be used to point out the facial area.

2. A substitution for a swear word, when one wants to keep the situatuin PG.
1. Man, Amy totally just kicked you right in the mafe.

2. Chris, go mafe a duck.
by Amy Avdeeff, Chris King August 02, 2008
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Mafe: (n) acronym standing for most, annoying, faggot, ever. Term typically used on the west coast to describe New Jersey natives. Often used in place of a proper name.
Mafe drives me crazy why wont he leave us alone.

Dude you look like a Mafe with your hat on backwards.

Sorry Mafe but Jersey sucks
by GETSOME800 May 01, 2009
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Acronym used for the phrase "Make A Fucking Effort". Commonly used to motivate friends or employees who are doing half-assed jobs. Generally written, not spoken.
I looked at your final report, and cannot imagine how you could have spent more than two minutes on it. MAFE!
by MAFE Master February 18, 2005
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someone who is mad at you for no good reason.
theyre short too.
(insert name here):im mad at you .
(insert name here): you know why.
petey: no i dont. what did i do?? im so sorry.
(insert name here):you know what!?!? now im mad cause you dont even know why your saying sorry!
petey: ugh! your such a mafe!
by petey lookalike :] October 15, 2007
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