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A super cool chick who is funny, beautiful, smart, and sassy and won't put up with anyone's shit. Because if you hot glue her to her seat, she will find you. So don't fucking mess with her and call her a fat hoe because she isn't fat, she just isn't necessarily anorexic. She doesn't need to put up with your deflated dick's mood swings. And she may seem like an inexperienced virgin, but she knows how to deepthroat and ride your sorry excuse for a dick so don't pretend to be some manwhore when you haven't even gotten some from her.
"Holy shit dude, Maely gave me some serious head last night!"

"Don't tell people bro, she'll deny it and fuck your dick up."

"She may look innocent but god damn!..."

"You think she can hit me up man?"

"Dude, she ain't lookin' for no scrub!"
by BeachBalls February 01, 2016
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