Madly is very swag and pro
wow who is that.

it’s madli she is so swag
by Swaggggggggg696969 December 29, 2021
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The somali cunt that is thirsty for LA whores
Madly you horny cunt
by Kekstar March 19, 2021
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If you have this as a nickname you are a fuckin legend, you are cool and sexy, no other way. You have top tier mandem and girls fall for you. You are also probably an anime watcher.
Dan: Oh look its Madly
Danny: Wish I could get all the girls like him
by Bakasta February 9, 2021
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Country slang for being a bit reclusive, a bit unorthidox, a bit unchristian, and a bit eccentric.
Willie Nelson could be said to be a bit madly because he's never been known as a very talkative fellow.
by Alex Quantashassle June 20, 2005
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Person you like a lot. Almost to the stage of being madly inlove.
I am madly in like with you.
by Jeffyjay March 8, 2018
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the most popular song of the greatest australian duo which consists of darren hayes and daniel jones-SAVAGE GARDEN.
mark:how was the song jesse sang?
kristy:it was awesome it was a truely madly deeply
by darrenrox May 17, 2006
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