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Madina is a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.

No matter what life throws Madina’s way she always has a sweet innocence about her which will make you weak at the knees. But don’t let that fool you. She also has a freaky side to her and is MIND-BLOWING in bed! So much so that she’ll be the best you’ve ever had. A kiss alone from Madina will have you addicted forever like a drug. She really knows how to turn you on and what to say and do all the time. Don’t let her sweet innocence fool you! She’s dangerous and she knows it. Madina never lets people in easily, nor does she pour her heart out. If she ever does for you, consider yourself very lucky. She doesn’t love easily and has built up walls that may be hard to bring down. She has a self distractive habit of pushing away the people closest to her. When she does, don’t let her. She wants you to prove her wrong and keep fighting. Madina is the girl you fight for and bring home to meet the family. And they would love her! She will treat her man like a king and is so faithful and loyal at all costs. And even though every single guy turns their heads when they see her walk by, and even though all the guys in her life want to be with her, she is oblivious to all of this and will have eyes for no one but you. Madina is worth every bit of heartache just to have the chance to know and love her. Don’t mess up!
“I want to marry Madina”

I didn’t know girls like Madina still existed

“I am so lucky to have Madina in my life
by Lukeshawww October 11, 2018
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1) very hot especially in bed
2) smart (copy her notes)
3) one word SEXY!
DAMN MADINAS FINE! iwant to do her right now
by bebe September 23, 2004
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"In medina, yo no doubt the god got crazy clout
Pushin the big joint from down south"
Wu-Tang (Raekwon) Can it be allso simple
by Dyn October 21, 2004
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person: sup mai dude
madina: send furry bobs pls
via giphy
by Big00f666 August 27, 2019
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a nigga with a giant nigga ass
nigga madina”
aight nigga madina”
by thybamboogod October 17, 2019
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