Madina she is such a emotional Person,

She is an really loyal Person and always Petty. People always think that she is such a bitch, but when you Met her in Person you Love her character.

If you date Madina, treat her like a princess she is such a drama queen and loves the attention. She is such a rose and sometimes she can be an devil, she can destroy your whole life. But at the and she is a sweetheart and remember she is such a freaky and nasty girl and loves attention. I wanna be friends with Madina.

I love her and don’t forget her beautiful body.

Madina such a baddie and a beautiful girl

you fell so quickly in love with Madina.

Sexy and Glamours
by Mamcittaaa6628 July 28, 2020
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"In medina, yo no doubt the god got crazy clout
Pushin the big joint from down south"
Wu-Tang (Raekwon) Can it be allso simple
by Dyn October 21, 2004
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person: sup mai dude
madina: send furry bobs pls
by Big00f666 August 27, 2019
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1) very hot especially in bed
2) smart (copy her notes)
3) one word SEXY!
DAMN MADINAS FINE! iwant to do her right now
by bebe September 23, 2004
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When your friends stop inviting you and talking to you
Bruh, they don't like and talk to me anymore, I've been madinaed
by Waldo October 12, 2018
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A Alternative Rock/Punk Rock band formed in 2005 from Chicago, Illinois. As of right now, their members include Nathan Leone(Vocals), Mateo Camargo(Guitars and Programming), Matthew Leone (Bass), and Daniel Torelli (Drums).
"Imagine we were dead
Counting all the things we never did.

I remember when you told me
I should live like I'm dying
And not to close my eyes
While everything burns.

What are we waiting for?
These years are dying slowly,
Today is still in front of us
And we're breakin out
Cause today is now or never. "
- From "Now or Never" by Madina Lake
by gydro January 15, 2007
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