A very sweet person, who is pretty. She is small and very tan. A very smart, and atheletic person. She is baller and a stud muffin. All in one. Try to beat that.
Kid 1: "Who's that legit girl?"

Kid 2: "You don't know who that is?! That's Madi!!!!"
by a kid 23 April 02, 2011
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When person is extremely hot, rich and outrageous with his attidude when needed.

Usually lives high and takes risks.
This bro is so "Madis" after he smacked that fucker to the face, because he insulted him.
by Serif May 06, 2009
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A girl that is usually overlooked. She has self confidence issues making her very shy, but she tries to venture outside her shell. Is admired by many, but is completely oblivious to it. Is the most loyal companion you will ever have and makes the perfect girl friend. Most attractive thing about a Madi is that she is gorgeous and doesn't even know it.But is the most amazing, most beautiful, person ever to lay foot on earth if you find here be sure to be as nice as possible

Or I will beat the fucking shit out of you
Why would you not like Madi
by The real Trevor May 28, 2016
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One of the nicest people you will ever meet. Nice to everyone, beautiful smile, nice boobs, good at surfing, and a great friend.
Woah, she's so lucky to have a Madi as a best friend!
by Andi Flops January 10, 2010
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Nickname for Madeline. Madi is, perhaps, the perfect girl. She is short and blonde with beautiful blue eyes. Usually of German descent, she is naturally beautiful and needs no makeup to show it, despite her occasional protests. Not just physically attractive, Madi is beautiful on the inside as well, with a personality to melt the hearts of men the world over. She is very intellectual, neat, and well-organized. Madi is one of those people you meet and immediately know "This girl is going somewhere." If you're lucky enough, you'll get to come along for the ride. Madi is an extremely kind and caring girl, one who has many good friends--she is admired by many, although she is too humble to realize it. Loyal and loving, she is the absolutely ideal girlfriend, and any guy would be extremely lucky to have her. Madi listens to good music, such as Rush and the Foo Fighters, and enjoys eating a lot, despite her diminutive stature. Her laugh is the most heartwarming human action known to man, and her pure goodness radiates from every straight, white tooth in her beautiful smile. Unfortunately, true Madis are very hard to find, but if and when you've got one, she's worth holding on to, no matter what. I love mine to death.
At a Black Tie Event, in the future:

Man: "Good evening James, how do you do?"
James: "Ah, very well sir, and yourself?"
Man: "Quite well. Who, may I inquire, is the lovely lady with whom you are attending tonight?"
James: "Ah, you must mean my beloved, Madi!"
Man: "You've won the heart of a Madi? Commendations, good sir, you are one of but a lucky few."
James: "Thank you kindly. I consider myself blessed each and every day to have won over the most beautiful and perfect girl on this Earth. I hope she may feel the same about me."
by Biffy Clyro December 15, 2011
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Madi: Mostly a girl, occasionally a guy... Or a girl in disguise, up to you, really. Not really one to mess and refuses to follow the rules... But can be a real bitch. If you see a Madi, you go 'Oh holy shit, you'd better hope she likes you.'
And then run if she doesn't.
Jake: Jeez, that girl's sexy.
Dave: Watch out, she looks like a Madi.
Jake: But DUDE!
Dave: Mate... She's a Madi
Jake: ... Oh.
by Hacky Sack United. August 11, 2008
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