UK nickname for pop-queen madonna. It is short for "her majesty"
I heard Madge is coming out with a new album.
by Jkid June 15, 2006
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When a man sticks his penis between his legs in order to immitate a womans ladyflower, this can be known as a madge (playing on the word vag)
Marc sauntered around the male showers shouting out 'haha look at my madge!'
by Das Gupta March 13, 2007
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the face that is made when you laugh but no sound comes out- the laugh is completely unexpected. These moments are often caught on camera, but never "tagged" on facebook because you look hideous. Made famous by the website
Dude 1: "Man, Jacob was so funny last night that I had madge face all night!"

Dude 2: "Better go untag yourself bro."

Girl 1: "Man, Anne Hathaway totally madged at Kirk Douglas' jokes."

Girl 2: "Best part of the Oscars."
by Eehayjay March 21, 2011
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To be denied/feel cheated out of something relatively insignificant that you selfishly believed you were entitled to. Coined after Madonna's egregious 2018 VMAs "tribute" to the late Aretha Franklin, in which Madonna went out of her way to draw attention to herself and her accomplishments after Franklin's unexpected passing eclipsed Madonna's 60th birthday.
"My best friend just posted photos of her and husband's anniversary vacation to Cabo the day I was supposed to announce MY engagement on Instagram. I feel SO madged right now."
by colors_sizes_textures_fear August 22, 2018
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a vaginal excretion, generally from sexual excitement or orgasm
"I just about madged when Orlando Bloom came onstage..."
by skye March 23, 2004
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A Madgelia. A Derry woman/girl who are like chavs except they are in love with pink and hair straighteners. if your hairs a mess they are sure to point it out.
Looks down nose at anyone/everyone
She is a madge just look at her shes giving us dirty looks
by EmSa November 27, 2006
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another word for cigerette or fag. Came from the word magicstick from the lawn boys limerick
'give us a madge there, cuz'
by Ciarán Hogan October 18, 2007
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