"I eat ass." is a pickup line commonly used by men who wishes to be direct with their romantic partners.
In Japanese, it is read as ketsu wo taberu
"Ma'am, you don't seem to understand this, but I eat ass."

"Women want you to be strong and direct, so don't say 'What's your name.' Just say 'I eat ass.' "
by The Allapaca March 03, 2016
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It means your hits don't hurt or they taking them like a man.
Person 1: *Punches,kicks,and slaps* person 2
Person 2: I eat those.
Person 1: So my hits don't hurt?
Person 2: Nope!
by Shaeluh March 06, 2020
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a way of saying that you would eat a specific persons anus for sexual desires
"i'll eat your ass"
"i eat ass bitch"
by Juice gucci mane vert May 23, 2016
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equivalent to "Rejected!" or to do something incredible.
1.) John went in for the three pointer but Brad smashed it out of range. He continued to yell "I EAT THOSE!!!"

2.) When Fred won the lottery he ate those.
by John Kellis Fernando April 01, 2007
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A term used the same way that "I own u" is used in gaming. Could also be said:
I eat your babies, I ate your babies.
Justin and Zac were battling Dalton and Brandon. Zac and Justin win. Zac says "I eat babies!!!" Dalton and Justin say "lolwut."
by Ziiiiizizizi January 20, 2009
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