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Which are better? Macs or PC'S? Let's see: Mac's have harddrives that crash every other minute and look all sleek and stuff even though they perform mostly like crap. Macs are only good for homework stuff and powerpoint presentations.

PC's are often slow and lumpy and they can't have as much software on them as PC's. But they're the best for playing computer games (Do they even have them on Mac's) and downloading Porn as you know you ALL do. (Not me, though. I have a girlfriend) PC's are also good for personalization and are often cheaper.
by G-Union June 17, 2004
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PC's = piece of shit thats about as useful as a cabbage! Really shit and has unnesasary pop-ups and the most annoying paper clip that ALWAYS says "hey, it looks like you're writing a letter, would you like help?"! - how annoying!
PC's crash all the fucking time, and are about as quiet as a JCB ploughing the farmers fields - not to mention how shit they look!!

Mac's = The dream machine, alot more stylish that your average PC and has use for it other than playing shitty PC games like Duke Newcome or Half Life!
the Mac actually doesn't crash all the fuckin time and is alot easier to use. Whats the point in have a "Start menu" on a PC when you can have the most stylish "Dock" on the Mac!
All you PC geeks out there - get a Mac and you won't regret it!

the winner is - The Mac
PC user: "fuck man my PC's just crashed again......oh its on now but it has green glitches on it!!! huh? "

Mac user: "man this is so stylish and easy to use, i'll never go back to the PC....NEVER! this motherfuker doesn't crash all the time! runs like a dream!
by meef September 11, 2004
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The stupidest argument in the history of stupid arguments, between two sides who both tell huge lies. Neither one can concede the fact that everything does everything, Macs do business projects equally well and PCs do creative projects equally well. Macs don't get viruses or worms (usually), PCs have more software written to them.
"Macs or PC's?"

"Why are you bothering me with asking? Go away I hate you I hate your mother too!"
by Sam is a Dick October 17, 2006
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A debate between the two major brands of Computer Macintosh and Microsoft. Ignoring Linux as it is a non-commercial software. The debate has been popularized by Macintosh's "I am Mac and I am a PC" commercial. Microsoft lacks a counter advertisement campaign.

Both brands have a loyal base that defends them. However, Macintosh is gaining an upper hand with the creation of the iPod, iLife and iPhone, which are winning over many PC users. The market though stands at about 86%-11%-3% (Microsoft - Mac - Linux).
The arbitrary Macs or PC's debate rages on in TV, but not in reality.
by Winterpeg January 15, 2009
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