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A type of Grammar Nazi who is particular to using the British/Canadian way of spelling words as opposed to the American spellings. Words such as "favorite" or "color" especially annoy the Grammar Nationalist.
MSN/Facebook Chat:
Person 1: What colour is your new car?
Person 2: It's a bluish/greyish color.
1: Sorry, what?
2: It's a bluish color like your girlfriend's car.
1: "Color"?

2: God damn it, you're such a grammar nationalist!
by Winterpeg November 15, 2010

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A debate between the two major brands of Computer Macintosh and Microsoft. Ignoring Linux as it is a non-commercial software. The debate has been popularized by Macintosh's "I am Mac and I am a PC" commercial. Microsoft lacks a counter advertisement campaign.

Both brands have a loyal base that defends them. However, Macintosh is gaining an upper hand with the creation of the iPod, iLife and iPhone, which are winning over many PC users. The market though stands at about 86%-11%-3% (Microsoft - Mac - Linux).
The arbitrary Macs or PC's debate rages on in TV, but not in reality.
by Winterpeg January 15, 2009

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