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A big Brutus mother fucker who fucks every bitch, drinks every drink, and will snort/smoke anything on the table. He is probably polish or Russian with a big fucking dick.
by Where'sWaldosWeenus February 16, 2017
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Probably one of the most bi-polar you will every meet. Can be one of the most awesome people on the planet one minute but piss him off and you will wish Armageddon came a day earlier. Especially when he gets drunk.

He's a often perceived as a flirt with the ladies and will probably take your woman off your hands. But ladies, if you are lucky enough to get selected he will work your socks off alllllllll niiiiiight.

It's probably why his other name is Magic.
Whoa, be careful of your girl, he might pull a Maciej.
by pan tadeusz December 02, 2009
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Pronounced Mache with an accent on the e
Alternate Pronunciation Macho with the o pronounced as a hard e
Derived from Maciej Kleban who is a famous Male Model.
The word Maciej when used as an adjective means en vogue or in style. It can also mean trendy and " So in this Season"
"Did you see the new bag stacy got it's so maciej"
"I didn't know jack dressed so maciej"
by Daphnis June 08, 2006
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He's probably some Russian/Czech/Polish dude who's always drinking or performing oral on someone, so don't expect him to reply to your DM's anytime soon.

All in all he's a hardcore motherfucker with a name you'll never be able to pronounce and never be able to get in touch with, but lets face it you still wanna be friends with him because he's pretty cool
Have you heard from Maciej recently?

Nah, he's probably drunk and balls deep in some chick
by dirtyDandy April 08, 2019
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Walking in the room, everyone starts smiling about how beautiful and bright he is, he’s a Polish person who gives happiness to girls πŸ€ πŸ’˜
β€œWoah.. Maciej you’re so beautiful :3 ”
by Ellie 🀠 April 08, 2019
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a man who faps himself to sleep every night (see sean, james)
"that dude over there looks like a maciej"

"oh yeh lets get out of here"
"oh totally look sean is there too"
by zooN May 27, 2014
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Someone who will manipulate you even if you have mental health. They do not give a damn about anything and will make you feel like absolute shit. If you ever find a Maciej, try not to make them notice you, keep it on a down low and slowly get out of there.
Look, there is a Maciej,

Lets get out of here, move slowly so he doesn't notice us.
by MrCowCryer June 29, 2018
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