A polish man who will do litteralty anthing and anyone to get what he wants. He has no limit to how wasted he can get, and he buys bread for no fucking reason. The groups simp, but never settles for anything real.
by secman October 12, 2020
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chin stroker! Breakbeat D&B elitist mofo!
You are such Macc!
I pulled out a Macc today!
by 8bits February 17, 2005
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A hardcore Punk-Chick, sometimes miss-spelled Macee. Known to be an individual who attempts to incite chaos and riots. Most Macces have many piercings, tattoo work and a bad attitude.
Did you hear about what Macce did last night? She got so drunk she beat up the bouncer!
by Mr. The Bullfrog August 25, 2010
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ouija macc is an amarican rapper associated with icp (insane clown posse) as he calls himself a juggalo i must say he is a good rapper but not in every ones taste so dont be mad at me if you no likey.
john:yooo ouija macc droped a new album

stev:no way lets go listen to it
by minniladds May 22, 2020
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An American rapper and Juggalo. He makes amazing fucking music! Founder of Chapter 17 records. Overall a funny and sweet guy❤️
Me: Have you heard of Ouija Macc?
Them: No who is that?
Me: Omg listen to this shit
by Chapter17 March 8, 2022
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An absolute shithouse full of shithouses. We strong the LGBT community. If ur not gay u don’t stay.
60 million down the drain, kings school macc what a shame
by Haha bill December 7, 2019
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