In much ways similar to Florida man, but with polish ethnicity
Eg. Polish man lost in Sao Paulo airport for 28 days
Polish man mistakes iron box for telephone
by Knowledgeableidiot October 27, 2017
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He is incomparable, illusive & unique unlike any other.
He is handsome, muscular & gentle.
Ge chooses words wisely, and speaks calmly.
He makes you feel everything good.
He lights your *fire and it burns for him. *Hot & cold on occasion.
He drives you crazy, & he likes your crazy crazy in bed.
You want more of him always & it hurts because he is busy or vanished.

He texts on an app & does't ever call or want your number, so he can disappear.
He tells you what he thinks you want to hear. "You'll want to believe him but it's too good to be true.

He texts every few months/years for a hot night, & you'll do anything to see him him again - extreme magnetic force.

You arnt sure what his real name is.
You'll forever want him to hold your hand. - he never will.

You can't remember his eyes but you dream of him when your eyes close.
You smile when he texts because he is everything.

He is a player or married, but you'll never know
-"your amazing! where did you come from "?

I don't know his name I call him "Polish Man"
by rube tube April 26, 2020
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