easy mac specifically made with a coffee maker by putting no filter in and just heating the water, letting it sit, drain and then eat. only the most desperate college kids eat this.
What’s for dinner?”
Yeezy mac

by bitchesgetdied November 23, 2017
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A young father that loves a quiet drink with best mates Matty(Watto) & Greg(Smith)

Resembles a panda bear with 4 beaten pieces of minute steak dragging between his legs with 2 great northern can swallowing crevices
Foofy Mac Foof Cake got multiple rocks thrown at him for having 2 rum bottle swallowing vaginas
by Mogo Creek June 24, 2018
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When you and a member of opposite sex work on the same greasy mechanical project before hooking up. Mingling the same greasy hands on one anothers body.
When you leave a hand print on her ass after a little Fort Mac Foreplay, it's not red from snacking it. It's black.
by Tomalomasarus January 09, 2021
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It is known to men as a higher level of gayness. A higher level in class it is. Instead of saying highclass fag, you could say: you are faggory mac fagface.
Fag: OMG look at how she is dressed. This is soooo 2017! Ugh how could you dress like that.

Me: shut up! Faggory mac fagface!
by Reknak Lens October 18, 2018
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A county Mac is when your genitals are oddly itchy and annoying.
I hate when I'm trying to masturbate but I have a country mac
by Jonathan Fourtwenty Blaze March 06, 2016
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