Its the best thing on the planet. Creamy cheese sauce and macaroni noodles is heaven. Get your bowl ready.
I obviously had to order the mac & cheese at the restaurant.
by RealWisdomHere December 9, 2019
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Mac & Cheese is considered to be a fine delicious session of Oral sex. To where the male giving the oral will smack his mouth cause he is getting a mouthful of her juices. Just like smacking on some Mac & Cheese.
by Towmater123456789 April 11, 2020
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Having comfort sex with an ex or friend.
Ex's Neighbor: Hi Matt, I see you where at Emily's last night?

Matt: Yes, I needed some Mac & Cheese.
by Gatherer71 January 9, 2012
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A term used to describe a man giving oral to a woman. Coined Mac & Cheese because of the similar sounds made from when you stir mac & cheese and when you lick a wet pussy.
How far did you get with her? Did you guys mac or Mac & Cheese!?
by totom January 27, 2011
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.01 Said as one word.
Similar to bullshit.
code word for Lie's, or changing subjects.
.02 When you are talking to a person about something that may not be so pleasant, they will never fault to turn it around so that the subject is about them in some way and you should some how feel sorry for them.
.03When someone starts talking to you, and asks how you are, then cuts you off with a uh huh, and go's into this deep conversation on how they're life is terrible; e.g betrayed by former close friends; e.g seeing their past reoccur and they can't stop it.
.04 i.e there is no explanation, or reason for this natural character flaw.
it's just Mac&Cheese
E: well i know he'll tell you anything
and could you just nonchalantly bring it up,
and try to figure out if he just wants me to go away.
C: i'll try, but you'll know what'll happen.
mac&cheese, mac&cheese, mac&cheese.
so be prepared for not a straight answer.
E: you gotta give him more then that
hes not just a big bowl of constipation all the time.
C: my bad.
but like constipation, he's a pain.
by Muhlean June 15, 2008
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When you sneak into your roommate's shower to steal hot water for your make and cheese.
My roommate was so desperate that he lockpicked my door and got shower mac&cheese.
by peac0ckman December 12, 2019
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A term meaning "to have sex", due to the similar sound stirring Mac & Cheese has to nailing someone.
by wazgucci August 22, 2014
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