a foods teacher in CNB that is a fat fuck and gets camel toes all the time and when she walking she shacks the whole building
holy MS piggy looking fat today
by cowboiiii November 1, 2020
A fat, attractive, confident and assertive woman.
Whoa dude, check out that ms. piggy over there, she's hot!
by stan_der_man March 7, 2010
The name you give to a certain female who has the appearance of a pig. Extremely large nose, slight muffin top, wire(y) hair, and horrible odor emitting from every pore.
Hey look at Ms. Piggy walking this way, she's pretty gross looking.
by Kermit the froggg August 10, 2009
A woman intent on making herself a trophy wife. Designed to look pretty, but has no value as a human being.
Usually masked in make-up, a shitty dye job, glitzy jewels with no meaning, thinks that money makes the world go round..
Hates on everyone, including themselves.
Damn dude, glad I am not a Ms. Piggy.. did you see that dye job?
Tell me though, does she squeal? Oink oink..
Funny shit really..
by Undi's Singularity June 10, 2022