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Coldest nigga breathing

One known for being a "savage"
I'm the coldest nigga breathing
by Viugcd June 08, 2016
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Certified Nurse's Bitch. It's a Certified Nurse's aide who works in a hospital and the nurses are having him/her do everything, including simple things, when the unit is super busy.

Generally, it's the lazy nurses who don't want to do the easy work (i.e. retrieve water for a patient)
Nurse Betty is told by a patient that she wants some water. Instead of Nurse Betty getting it, she tracks down Danny and asks him to get it. Danny tells Sheila "I'm not a Certified Nurse's Aide anymore, I'm a C.N.B!" Sheila asks "What's C.N.B.?" Danny tells her "Certified Nurses bitch!"
by CNA Who is a PAW May 12, 2009
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short for cocked n blown. someone or something that is messed up
"see that downs guy over there?"

"yeah he's totally cnb"
by dan2417 February 01, 2009
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Cock and Balls

Used by the inhabitants of Austrey and Dordon, Marc, Jack, Sam, Jamie and Gareth. use this word to descrice a penis.

Vefy commical when used on another mans coursework...
"Why the hell is there a c'n'b on ma work!?!"
"I had the urge to draw a dick farm"
by suoiveD April 09, 2008
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CnB is actually a character thought up on the bus my friend and I in 8th grade. His Body is two balls (for his feet) and the shaft and head make up the rest. He is often smiling, and always flipping the bird.
Damn...Mr.CnB would kick pikachu's ass.
by Kidtuf February 19, 2005
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