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Noun (n.) 1. "Marvo's Epic Fail Award", which is given out every week on Facebook

2. The online award can be given out to friends on Facebook, celebrities, sport figures...these are all comedic, so there is NO offense taken whatsoever
1. The University of Michigan losing to an FCS school is deservant of an MEFA.

2. Jay Cutler throwing 5 interceptions automatically makes him the MEFA winner of the week.
by The MEFA Creator September 11, 2010
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stands for : Medium Functioning Alcoholics. Unlike high functioning alcoholics (HFA's) like drunk doctors and lawyers, MeFA's do honest, everyday wage jobs after getting fucked up on some or maybe all nights of the week.
Yeah --- my eyes are bloodshot, but check out this MeFA when i unload this entire truck in 20 minutes with this forklift!
by stilldajoker June 05, 2017
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