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Milk Dud Titty Syndrome otherwise known as MDTS, is
a syndrome characterized by a post-weight loss woman with relatively floppy breasts which resemble Milk Duds.
The brown color stems from the womans attempt to disguise her wrinkles and appear sexier through tanning.
Damn, that girl layin' out over there ain't helping her MDTS one bit.
by No-ner February 01, 2010
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(MDT): My Drunk Text

For those of you who turn into prolific and inappropriate texters after a few drinks, be warned: your SMS ramblings may end up as someone else’s entertainment online at
(618): I just walked thrugh the woods having a conversation with every spider I saw in it's web. They all have English accents. I'm drunk and this weed is incredible! MDT
by ImDrunk August 24, 2009
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My Drnk Txts
(my drunk texts)

A website featuring The drunk texts u shouldn’t have sent made infamous
Last night, "whats ur cell phone numba? i can't find it so i txtd u 2 ask..." MDT
by deedeeedeedee June 04, 2009
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MDT. Mailbox Destruction Team.
A crew of highley skilled Mailbox destruction professionals.
Located in the easter suburbs of Melbourne the MDT reap havok on all persons in the form of destroy/stealing/shitting or pissing on their mailbox. Other destructive methods are also implemented by the MDT. ie. explosives, fence wrecking, lamppost pulling.. the list goes on.

See zak, menace, goofy and burger
- Fuck man, the MDT stole my mailbox last night!
- Hahahaha you got skooled!
by pommeh February 03, 2005
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