An INSANELY awesome bunch of people, who happen to like the also INSANELY awesome band, Mcr (my chemical romance) These people are often godlike creatures, and should be worshipped ( as should the members of the band) anyone who disagrees with this is most likely Chav, and no it doesn't make me 'emo' for liking them, it just makes me 'anti-chav' ¬_¬ (not that there's anything wrong with emo's of course, they rock ^^)
because I'm not as INSANELY awesome as the MCRmy soldiers :'(
by Screweduplovestory June 17, 2010
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The official My chemical romance street team run my warner brothers, it on The street network (TSN) which also runs street teams for a wide range of bands. Members of the street team refer to themselves as "soilders of the MCRmy". They promote My chemical romance through concerts, flyers and online promotion. Some promoters are even awarded M&G's with the band.They currenly have 60,000+ members. Its is one of the MOST active street teams. I'm not suprised.
"The MCRmy sucks"

Translantion: *is jealous*
by -xMEx- August 16, 2007
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(pronouned M-C-army)The devoted fans of the band My Chemical Romance. You would recognize a really bad, cliche member of the MCRmy by their obsession with trying to look like a member of MCR. They could probably also tell you everyone in MCR's birthday, zodiac sign, favorite food, shoe size, and second cousin's name. Even though, they may seem silly and obsessed, the MCRmy is the coolset group of people around and most would tell you that they are proud to be one of the MCRmy elite.
Dude, that MCRmy chick has Gerard Way tattoed on her ass.
by Dr. Poopslice December 30, 2005
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A fan of the band My Chemical Romance (MCR) and a close knit group of fans as close as a family that fight everyday challenges with MCR lyrics. Mainly used as the street team of MCR under Warner Bro.s.
"Gerard is right. We are not a cult but an army. we are the MCRmy!"
by Seb is Not okay (I Promise) December 17, 2008
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You will either slightly enjoy the MCR fandom or you will wish you were a bird that could fly into a ceiling fan and spurt blood in the eyes of your enemies.
MCRmy Fan: "What is a ray toro?"
MCRmy Fan: "Oh em GEE, Mikey Way is so awkwarddd XD!"
MCRmy Fan: "Frerard 4 lyfe."
MCRmy Fan: *tweets Bob Bryar* "BOB WHEN are you ever gonna come back to MCR?!?!?!?!

You: 'Don't you even-no, just no-" *reincarnates into a bulldozer and drives off a mountain and drowns.*
by Killjoi February 3, 2013
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One of the many names for the fanfom of the 'former' band, my chemical romance, along with and various others.
Dont mess with a member of the mcrmy, they know where you live ;)
A: so... what kinda music do you like?
B: Im part of the Mcrmy
A: (under their breath) but mcr are dead...
B: *stabs A*
by Trash.jpg December 14, 2017
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