Used to describe coochies that behold large powers. MCG- My Coochie Godly
mya can i see your coochie?
Yes MCG!!
by jacobfendi June 24, 2021
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A national unit of measurement of area or volume used in Australia based upon the size or volume of the national sporting coliseum, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In terms of area, one (1) MCG is 17,720 square meters and 1,574,000 cubic meters in volume.
This park is 5 MCGs large.

5 MCGs of rain fell on Sydney.
by mcgwatch.tumblr May 9, 2018
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MCG is a Murda Cap Gangster, which is some one from the murder capital of the world Gary, Indiana
YO, that niggas an MCG, a straight up midwest thug nigga
by G-Rydeicedout January 8, 2009
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A group of virgins in the GA7 discord. typically broke and cant get a job.
I am a true chapati. I prefer e girls but they wont talk to me. Thats just MCG shit at the end of the day.
by Toasty140 July 26, 2019
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Mcg icy is used to describe a person who has all ice or drip, yet no sauce
Dang i can’t believe langston pulled a mcg icy move!
by Willynibba April 12, 2019
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a sad emotionless figure who likes your music and shoots!! legend has it she is very thicc :)
molly mcg is always very lonley
by eightyroldrobloxianOOF January 3, 2019
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A Cerys McG is a person who is addicted to Hentai porn. Somebody that cannot live without it.
by Fish pish May 7, 2020
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