sometimes you just have one too many friends to visit the effiel tower soo you venture on over to rome and form a coliseum with just one gladiator (the female) in the middle with many opponents of different size and skill.
Derek and I were planning a trip to Paris to visit the Effiel Tower but then Nick and his Buddies showed up soo we had to go to Rome to visit the Coliseum instead.

Derek: How would you like to make a trip to the Effiel Tower?
Maggie: I have already been to the Effiel Tower I heard the Coliseum is nicer this time of year

I have been to Paris and seen the Effiel Tower next stop is Rome to visit the Coliseum
by Ian, Nick and Derek January 20, 2009
A sex act involving 6 males and at least 3 females. The males form a circle and double team the females who overlap each other. While doing so the males all must lock hands in a circle forming what looks to be a coliseum structure.

It's a version of the Eiffel Tower, only better.
Guy1: Dude, last night we all got drunk and there were only 3 chicks there for all us so you know what that means?

Guy2: No, What?

by Shep6sic6 July 6, 2009
A freestanding table in any kind of restaraunt that usually consists of a "four top" or a "deuce" that Obnoxiously wobbles.Efforts are made to remedy this by placing matchbooks,sugarpackets,etc under one or more of the tables baselegs in an attempt to stablize the wobbling ,but alas failing to stablize the table. this gets its name from The Arena Club at the Nassau Coliseum,which was notorious for being plagued with many of these tables during the 1980's and 1990's and little was ever done to fix this problem until they renovated the club and replaced all of the tables.
My girlfriend stained her blouse at dinner last night after spilling her red wine due to the wobbly Nassau Coliseum table.
by Jim 1533 July 26, 2009
Spanish football "stadium" situated in Getafe, a town nearby Madrid, that stadium is known for its poor rates of attendance each match, urban legend says "When someone find a Getafe's supporter at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, the world will end"
When someone find a Getafe's supporter at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, the world will end
by AdrianB_ June 6, 2013