"Hey. Bob in accounting has a new hot girlfriend. She's gotta be 10 years younger!"
"Yeah. I hear they are in a MBR. She's his sugar baby."
by IviiSkii July 6, 2018
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Computer term: "Master Boot Record" Sector 0 of the hard drive. A set of instructions on the harddrive in ASM that launches the operating system somewhere else on the hard drive. MBR code is often changed in virusses to make the hard drive useless until a reformat.
Also Known As: "Boot Loader"
That virus infected my damn MBR!
by Alex January 16, 2004
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he is such an MBR
by xaxaxa March 20, 2010
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A abreviation of ngr
by USI-likes-fortnite January 23, 2022
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