Some one who loads a lot of expensive software on a computer to raise its' price. Then sells the computer without the program disks, and keys, when a program needs to be reloaded the buyer is hosed.
The xp on my computer didn't have a disk or coa I need to reload it, the loader says not his problem.
by knowman June 11, 2008
Someone who is always loaded, or someone acting stupid or drunken
Take off, you loader!
His brother is such a loader, nobody wants to hang with him.
by leadpipe August 24, 2005
a) To be very tall and suck at bowling
b) To have a terrible game when bowling
Dude, that's the 8th gutterball in a row!
I know man, I'm having a Loader
by H@H@H@H@H@H@ May 15, 2009
Loadered is the result of the combination of "lite beers" and a chipper or two (a chipper being the East Coast word for butting out a cigarette when it's around half smoked, and saving the rest for later).

Being loadered usually prevents one from watching their hockey highlights that they taped on the VCR, and makes it extremely dangerous to drive their Toyota pick-up truck at top speed on the highway. (Please refer to local laws regarding maximum blood alcohol levels.)
"Holy fuck boys, I'm tellin' ya! I gut reight loadered last night while watchin' the hockey highlights, then skeized on the couch boys."
by Boyer September 26, 2005
"hey dude, bring a loader it's going to be a long night."
by mikeallen152 August 18, 2014
A stagehand who get paid a high wage to load a truck with lighting, sound and video equipment. After they load, the then continue to assemble the show.
We have 4 loaders, 2 backline, 8 lighting, 4 audio, 5 video and 10 carps
by Chuck Power February 3, 2010
a person who can eat a whole apple in one bite.
logan: man that kid has a big mouth.
torey: he is a mega loader.
by torra borra May 24, 2004