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A manly adventure, which women cannot partake in, taken on by only the manliest of men (see A.M.M.) which most often includes guns, sharp objects, power tools (though hand-tools are manlier), gas guzzling automobiles, other forms of manly gas powered transportation (see alternate definition of MANventure), pirate maps, AC/DC, sandwiches (made only by women), and an extremely detailed plan that is almost certain to fail. Protocol says an alternate plan is to be promptly made up on the spot no matter how ridiculous, difficult, illegal, or unlikely to be accomplished it may be.
Dude, let's take my home-made submarine across the Pacific Ocean and hunt whales with my buck knife. It'll be a MANventure.
by A.M.M. Founder June 15, 2010
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1. an adventure characterized by manliness or extreme masculinity.
2. an epic journey only undertaken by men, or very masculine women.
3. a strenuous task which only individuals naturally equipped with a legitimate, large penis can endure.
"Hey, want to invite Alfred on our manventure through the jungle?"

"Nah, not Alfred. He's too much of a pansy."
by Mishunderstood July 28, 2008
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The flagship of American Mans for Manliness (A.M.M.). It is a true man's boat which can be very temperamental and unpredictable at times (see woman). Its home port is located in Bear Creek on the Alabama side of Pickwick lake. It is a true man's badass boat.
Woman: What kind of trash boat is this?
Man: Oh nothing, just the MANventure.
*Backhands woman*
*Woman makes sandwich*
by A.M.M. Founder June 15, 2010
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an adventure made by men, especially by men named Tyler or Matt. Such adventures including growing a mustache, or chopping a tree down with an ax. One who performs such a task shall be reffered to as a manventurer. Manventurers only drive Chevy Silveraydos and chew tobacco, while only spitting into a mountain dew can. They pretty much fuck shit up.
Matt: Hey Tyler, are you ready for this week's manventure?

Tyler: Of course I am, I have been growing this mustache for months.
by TylerStoecker July 06, 2014
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a. Any trip involving two or more men performing manly feats with no planned route or attainable destination

b. Any trip that deviates from the original plans and leaves the women-folk behind
"Dude that was the greatest manventure ever!" (In the context of drinking all night and smoking cigars on the streets of center city Philadelphia)
by w3b5ter July 22, 2011
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Becky really wanted to get with Josh, so the next day her best friend asked how her manventure was going.
by Tortillia December 31, 2017
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