"Wild and crazy" is used when simply saying "wild" or "crazy" to describe a person or situation doesn't fully describe the huge degree to which that person or situation is "off the rails" , uncontrolled or manically wacko. Could have a positive or negative connotation.

Someone who is saying and doing random or extreme things could be said to be wild and crazy. Or if you had an awesome night partying with all sorts of different exciting things happening that could be said to have been a wild and crazy night out, to use it in a positive meaning.
"That party last night was wild and crazy! Omg the strippers just kept coming through the door. It was like every woman in the room needed her turn on the dance pole."

"Bro, did you see Steve at the meeting this morning? That fool be acting wild and crazy today, ya mean. Wtf was he talking about it sounded like f%#$&*@ gibberish. I think he's on meth."
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Oral sex enjoyed by middle schoolers on class trip. See also bus job
If you have wild and crazy bus sex when you're in middle school, it could lead to this awkward conversation:

Britney: I hate you!
Mike: You didn't always hate me...
Britney: Shut up. That was wild and crazy bus sex. It didn't mean anything.
by snlgirl July 31, 2005
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Wow, Kiki and Aaron had wild and crazy bus sex, and now they're going to have band babies!
by Ndeya December 12, 2004
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when you throw a girl around the room while eating gummy worms. Then you put the gummy worms in her butthole then eat it. After that u smack her across the face and say that was fucking amazing and run out the door.
While me and Bill were having wild crazy sex i got a concussion
by L.A.N February 16, 2009
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