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An extremely attractive, highly intelligent, super courteous, and extraordinarily successful male with an incredibly charming sense of humor. Women find these men wonderfully satisfying in every way and commonly refer to them as the total package. Originally from the Southeast and known as Southern Gentlemen wherever they go, Lunsfords have been spotted across the Rocky Mountains and as far west as California. Lunsfords are often flanked by other Lunsfords and as a group they are collectively known as Lunsford Brothers.
Unimaginably Gorgeous Lady #1: My man is absolutely awesome. He’s handsome, polite, funny, owns his own jet, and is a tremendously satisfying lover.

Unimaginably Gorgeous Lady #2: Wow! He sounds like a real Lunsford, does he have a Brother!?
by SouthernGentleman August 24, 2016
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The act of plowing a robust woman and grunting to display one's dominance over her. Followed by adamant denial of the act in the morning despite ample evidence to contrary.
"Did you hear Johnny and that chunker last night? I bet that asshole denies and pulls a Lunsford."
by gruntsRus January 13, 2012
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