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The Obsequeous yet evil manager from office space. Not just clueless, a down right idiot with delusions of grandure.
Ellis asked us to put covers on our TPS reports so she could distract us while she stole a husband and became the newest M$ manager.
by S. West July 27, 2005
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Hugo Lundberg is a name to define a guy who is very unsure about his sexuality, he doesn't know if he's gay, lesbian or trans. A person who is a Hugo Lundberg has big balls like basketball size, his penis is "åhhh jätte stor" and his nipples are blue. His temperament is like a rollercoaster. Angry like fire, sweet like sugar. Overall he's a pretty nice guy with a big cocker
If u see a guy and u can't really decide what gender he has you can just say "oh theres a Hugo Lundberg"
by jörgen69 May 25, 2021
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