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1)A Micronational Language, unique to the Microcontenant Eutinea (Kigyanese Empire), consisting of alternate versions of letters in the English alphabet. as well as a set of accents and verious symbols. when spoken, sounds much like a mix of Turkish and Latin. 2)Of the Lumanic Archonite of the Empire of Kigyan. 3) A Micronational Religion Based on Reason and Understanding (Illumenation) of Christianity. also are Led to belive that God is a Femail (woman) Diety on the literal understanding that God "gave Birth to The Universe and Humanity" some refer god as the Lumanic word "Avietal". Translated meaning Goddess.
1)"Saphiurm Necto Kaerey, Ad Costrier" lyrics of the Kigyanese Military Band anthem. 2) Lumanic Goods are transported to our People from the east by Caravan. 3) The Lucis Dei is a Symbol not just to the Lumanic Faith, but to The Empire.
by VigilanteIntro February 21, 2012
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