Probably one the most mature boy out of the group of boys. He is caring, loving, and is the type of boy you tell your parents you are friends with.
Girl: “You know luke?”
Girl 2: “Yeah he is sweet definitely boyfriend material
by name hacks 101 August 18, 2019
Someone who drives you crazy (in love, that is.) He makes you laugh, think, better yourself. If you find him, keep him, your officially the luckiest person in the world!!!!!
Look at that girl, with that guy, he must be Luke
by Kake ;) August 30, 2010
Luke is a person that wakes up tired as fuck then becomes super energetic. Other people make like the best he can be. He eats like shit yet always somehow has the most defined abs and has huge arms. He is an only considered a cool kid and that’s why everyone asks him for favors.luke always do what is best for his friends. He is super athletic and a huge nerd. Although very popular Luke doesnt get as much attention as other yet he always dates the ones everyone wishes they could. Luke always wants 1 girl though. And he always had and always will want that 1 girl.
“Yo, Luke can you get me a girlfriend
by @Urban_dictionary July 16, 2018
That one guy in your friend group who is always 'sick' when there is something important they need to do. When you call them to see where they are they pick up the phone sounding fine, then when they hear who it is they pretend to sound sick. He also has the highest pitched voice ever!
"Oh, where's Luke?" "He's Pulling a sickie again."

"Luke is so sick!"
by Big-Blobbo June 23, 2022
Luke is a cool person and loyal friend. But when he is angry he punches you. Then you feel sad. But you are still friends and its ok and you accept the punch as a punishment.
Me: Luke is gay
Luke: Punches you
Me: Im sorry, your not gay. The girls like you
Luke: ;)
by Revo6842 March 4, 2019
Luke is the goat 🐐🐐🐐
Damn Luke you really are the goat
by Lmcaleer October 29, 2019
A Luke can sometimes be a very confusing person. He could mess with your feelings, unintentionally. A Luke is the sweetest person you know. He's charming, handsome, funny, everything you're looking for. But he can also be a pain. He can confuse you, upset you, and hurt you. But he can also make you the happiest person in the world. If you get a chance to be friends with a Luke, take it. It will change your life.
That guy is so funny, he's such a Luke.
by jordiftstyles October 24, 2014