2 definitions by Cally Gieser

Luke is a guy who is tired of people coming up to him and saying "Luke, I am your father" but other than that Luke's are very out going guys who are always willing to lend a hand. They are athletic, good looking guys that every girl would kill to date. They are friendly and will do anything they possibly can to help someone out.
Some guy: Luke, I am your father!
Luke: Dude, stop saying that!

Some girl: I would totally marry Luke!
Other girl: I would change our last name to skywalker!
by Cally Gieser August 13, 2013
A word women call other women when the chick is hotter than them.
*hot girl walks by
“Do you see how short her dress is? What a slut.”
by Cally Gieser July 29, 2020