Luella is kinda and caring, she always looks for the best in people and is always trying to help out. She works hard and loves to socialise. Luella would make a great life partner and best friend. You are very lucky if you get to meet her, keep her close to your heart. She would be a really great girlfriend for Nathan
Luella ( name )
by - Nathan.m June 09, 2019
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She the most caring girl in the world Luella also is very happy and a soft girl Luella had drakish brownish hair with blue eyes
by Luella May 26, 2019
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Luella is an absolutely terrific friend. She will stick by you, although sometimes she has a short temper. She understands you completely and won't judge anything you say
Luella, can I tell you something?

Sure, I won't judge
by Malecbooklover1211 October 15, 2020
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luella is cool she asked me to do this but shes cool
why are u so coll luella WHY!!!!
by James April 05, 2005
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luella is a hard working person that is beautiful and kind she loves all of her friends but is a little emotional she tries to make everyone happy and usually exceeds she dosent like taking complements and is a little self conscious
you: omg luella your so pretty

luella: really i think i look bad

you: you always look good
by skskskandioopshithead October 27, 2019
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