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The term pseudo-hipster should be less aligned with widespread use of the term "hipster" and more closely identified as a trendster who channels the fashion and culture of hipsters. The term originated in Chicago once the hipsterism culture that still dominates the Ukranian Village, Wicker Park, and Logan Square areas began to implode (circa 2005) on itself and become a thing of mockery to social critics, intellectuals, and those who had been living a bohemian lifestyle in the pre-1995 era. The term pseudo-hipster is now used more liberally to describe individuals desparately clinging onto an ill-conceived attempt at attaining hipster identity.
Pseudo-hipsters can be frequently seen to prevail in suburban areas or parent's basements when not shopping in corporate stores heavily disguised as neo-vintage or vintage stores (a.k.a. Urban Outfitters) or in other sub-metro areas where a true bohemian or "hipster" lifestle is unattainable.

The Psuedo-hipster is markedly less elitist, if at all, than an hipster proper, and is also likely to be seen with his or her non-bohemian friends. The psuedo-hipster at his or her intellectual core does not truly or permantently identify him- or herself with nerdology, hipsterism, or the bohemian lifestyle; and, as mentioned before, can be loosely classed as a trendster who superficially identifies with the FASHION of the hipster "clique." Psuedo-hipsters who work, however, are usually more financially successful than their hipster muses and will usually hold jobs outside of the service industry or artist communities that are hipster mecca's. Due to the increase in cash flow by either living in a suburban basement or getting a finaciallly secure job, the pseudo-hipster will NOT have a true beer preference for Pabst Blue Ribbon.
<Mid-twenty year old walks by wearing skinny jeans, penguin polo, and vintage looking poorly-laced Nike's>

"I can't go anywhere anymore without seeing someone trying to be a hipster!"

"You can't really call him a hipster.
This is Kansas City...He's a pseudo-hipster at best.
And besides...isn't he getting into that Explorer with a ______ University School of Law sticker on the back?"

"Oh...good eye sniper. He'll be throwing away his skinny tie collection by next year!"
by iseeboredpeople September 03, 2007
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Someone who has the outward appearance of a hipster, but who actually prescribes to mainstream lifestyle.
Greg wears retro eyeglasses and has an indie comic book collection, but works as a bank manager; he's a pseudohipster.
by MFRM December 14, 2014
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