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Basically a girl who is not only Awesome, but is Smart, charming, loving, Sincere, attractive, down to earth girl, and naming all the traits would take too long. A fun person to be around. Has great taste in music and movies. A Lucely is simply just Beautiful inside and out. An ambitious girl who will work hard to get what she desires. Meeting her will make you fall in love. She's simply that wife down type. Being with a Lucely is like winning the lottery, and does not willing to cash in are making the biggest mistake of their life. She'll be there through thick thin situations. there shouldn't be a definition for Lucely, because it's Undefinable. This definition is simply inadequate, and meeting a Lucely is the only way to really comprehend the true meaning. She loves to Bud.
Where can I find A Lucely???
by Cakes for days March 27, 2013
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