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Luccilus is someone who is Sicilian, Roman and Dubaian and is 7% African. He's incredibly fit and well hung and has a 9.3-inch dick and it's still growing (from what I heard). (Possibly in the Mafia)

He's incredibly intelligent and is studying to be a Microsurgeon or a Orthopedic surgeon, Luccilus flirt's a lot and has an astonishing incredibly sexy irresistible voice and may or may not have had a child when he was 14, he's extremely charming, caring, loving, teasing, sweet but he likes to fight a lot and has scars all over his body and has a stab wound on his back and chest, he's very playful though and randomly acts younger than he is and older than he is usually people think he's way older than he actually is good (or bad) since he smokes cigarettes (American Spirit to be exact)

He carries himself well and dresses well has exemplary manners and is polite.
He's pale in the Winter and tan in the Summer, he has dark brown hair with natural blond highlights at the end of his hair born with cute curly sex hair normally, just a hot sex hair mess.
Bella: "Omg I need someone like Luccilus in my life he's perfect, he's tall hes handsome, and I heard he has a big dick"
Beatrice: "Girl, I had a threesome with Luccilus and Georgia and Bianca and he dislocated their hip and pelvis! He is perfect though, he's so sexy.
by Luebylue September 08, 2019
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