Used to describe someone who is incredibly cheap or something that was done in cheap taste, regardless of the financial situation. Those who are of this nature often refer to themselves as thrifty.
1. Dude, you are so low budget.
2. Dude, that was so low budget.
by dalbort June 21, 2004
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Someone who is unable to meet expectations for simple tasks. A person who takes one year to publish a 20 wine, wine list. A frequent Hoser
An item that is not up to par, very poorly done. An item that a 3 year old could do
"Paul's low budget wine list is still not done."

"Please don't be Low Budget and hose me today"
by - Bambino July 5, 2015
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A potential boyfriend who is poor or doesn’t have a lot of money
Dear Girls,

Would you date a rapper if that rapper was a low budget nigga
by YuOfTheNight March 26, 2020
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Two Part Definition:

One who is trustful, loyal to the game, keeps priorities in line and will kill if they are interfered with.

Always having & making money in a mysterious way. Regardless of how, it is always there in plenty.
"Damn arnt you just a low budget allstar if iv ever seen one nigga"

Shit that Mike Moose always be rollen LowBa er dame day
by Hrd2MurdR December 29, 2010
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Also referred to as Lbg.
Is a basic idea of someone who gets around with the lowest budget illegally and legally.
For An Example:
A Low Budget Gangster rides around in a cadillac with one rim
Or He tries to get around stealing and selling things
to pawn shops.
Which is low budget,
he is trying to look "Pimpin" or "Ballin" with low cash.
by Froot loops August 18, 2007
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Me, some girl, cheap-ass webcam, and a couple of roofies.
Jesus fuck this Rohypnol doesn´t eliminate the gag reflex!!!?
Puke Fiction II it is...
by Hanzo June 14, 2004
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