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Celebration of St. Valentine, and also consumerism and candy. Nice day to commit suicide if you are completely alone, drowning in a sea of s(m)adness.
Roses are red, violets are blue
You used me, bitch
I´m gonna fucking kill you
by Hanzo June 06, 2004
Piece of shit programs designed to track you down and collect personal information.
Hijackthis! and AdAware pounds it to dust! Yay!
I want to rape the bastards responsible for the creation and dissimination of spyware! Double Yay!
by Hanzo September 28, 2004
I´m scared of bums, so what?
Not just because they stink bad
Not just because they're crackers
From drinking too much Lysol
by Hanzo June 24, 2004
Me, some girl, cheap-ass webcam, and a couple of roofies.
Jesus fuck this Rohypnol doesn´t eliminate the gag reflex!!!?
Puke Fiction II it is...
by Hanzo June 14, 2004
Most women are high maintenance. The term "high maintenance" usually refers to a very peculiar female individual that is extremely selfish and demands a constant stream of gifts and attention. Also prone to bitch and complain about your every action, thinks highly of herself, and will never issue an apology...unless she desperately wants something from you.
I will NOT call you up 57 times a day, and there´s no way IN HELL i´m buying you that ruby encrusted necklace and scepter from the 18th century. Now GO DOWN ON ME and MAKE ME CUM...BITCH!
by Hanzo May 28, 2004
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