1. A nice way of saying "Love makes you do fucked up shit."

2. The biggest understatement ever spoken by the masses.
Love is blind.

No. Love is not blind. It's fucking delusional.
by rogerthewhale January 24, 2013
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When you don't care about what the person you love looks like, because looks don't matter. When you truly love someone, you're "blind" to their appearance.
-"Why are you in a relationship with that person? They're so ugly."

-"Because love is blind. It doesn't matter to me what they look like, I still love them."
by Rachael Young April 16, 2017
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Thinking the person your in love with is perfect and has absolutely no flaws for a period of time (usually around a month)
Ann: Gosh, he's so perfect!

Lisa: No he's not, do you not see how much of a slob he is? And he shows off ALL THE TIME.

Ann: Really? No, he doesn't!

Lisa: You're soooo love blind.
by koodaa March 19, 2016
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Making decisions that are known to be costly in one way or another due to being in "love".
A: "Dude, you two are toxic for eachother and you break-up every six months!"

B: "Yeah, but this time will be different. WE will be different"

A: "Oh geez, you are sooooo love blind."
by posergeek13 January 27, 2012
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Love blindness is an emotional version of color blindness where a person interprets red flags as giant green just-fucking-go-for-it flags.

The term love blind was coined by Keeley Jones, one of those "they" that name stuff.
Keely proposed that she and Rebecca were perhaps love blind for ignoring so many red flags in previous relationships.
by SpockAwesome April 27, 2023
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