When a Muslim marries a non-Muslim fraudulently (commonly by faking names of the victim's religion), and forces the partner to convert. In case of refusal to convert or marry, it results in rape/torture/murder. The term was coined by a judge in Kerala court, in judgement related to Christian-Muslim marriages.
There were ~250 cases of Love Jihad recorded in just the last four months.
by Chocolate_I_Scream November 17, 2020
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When a muslim male/female marries a non muslim and converts them.
Raj married Fatima and was forced to convert because of Love Jihad. But luckily Shyam saved him right after and Raj have divorce to Fatima.
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A term which originated in India since most muslim guys there usually have hindu girlfriends and it is believed to be a part of Muslim conquest to lure hindu girls.
"Why do these gullible hindu girls fall for the katwas ? Bro Its all part of love jihad these muslim guys are hell bent on luring hindu girls."
by ashuuu June 21, 2018
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love jihad is a conspiracys theory used by hindu nationalists to claim that muslim men only marry hindu women to decrease hindu population. it is generally promoted by the BJP, the ruling party of India, this party has previously used the holocaust as an example on why everyone should be of the same race, ideology and religion, this was seen as an insult against holocaust survivors
even though the police has found no evidence on love jihad existing, the media will still support it like it is a hard fact
by @mrkulci June 29, 2019
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