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The most wasteful body of the entire United nations, cloaked with so much power and possibility but overshadowed with so much stupidity by things such as but are not limited by the power of P5 veto's, inability to listen to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan when it is obviously a good decision, also this member state condemns the use of napalm and other terribly traumatic uses of weapons that would hurt general and innocent citizens. In short the security council is one of the hardest committees that have existed within MUN and the real UN for it combines the element of tradition and crisis and full and total amounts of stress about having the ability to really do something to help the world . SRMUN 2014 has reaffirmed this over and over and over again. Thank you I yield the rest of my time.
When I got put into the Security Council, I wanted to just condemn everything and everyone.
by The Hashemite Kingdomof Jordan November 21, 2014
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